Airport experience

Here we go, during another hectic week flying around the skies of Europe.

This time they will be 4 flights in 5 days, on my way to an average of 12 flights per month and getting close to the dramatic figure of one flight each other day in a year!

Frequent traveling in these days of low cost flights through overcrowded airports can be very hectic and it often involves queuing because of items left in bags at security checks by inexperienced passengers….(xxxxx)…Or slow walking shoppers delaying your pace on your way to the gates while they check their stores.

Shall we talk about the airport shopping, or “travel retail” as it’s technically named), today?

Sorry but it is something I’m not a big fan of while it has become a massive source of airport revenues these days, as they try maximizing the profit per passenger from the very first moment they put foot in the terminal up to when they board the plane.

It’s curious that airport shopping only is allowed for departing passengers while arrival halls hardly have any store apart from restaurants and bars. It is like airport planner think that passengers have finished the money while on board the planes!

I dislike this airport shopping because whatever merchandise I have to buy I don’t think airport is the place to shop for it as I’m supposed to be there on my way to a destination where I’m sure I’ll be able to find some stores as well (am I going to the moon?). So why spending also at the airport?

I think probably it’s the fact that airport experience it’s already part of the vacation and there are different rules of engagement: “well let’s buy it, we are on holiday!” (Yes but without the airport store you would have perfectly survived today!).

Then, shall we talk about the Duty Free Stores?In the past they were used to be in a specific location that passengers decide to access or not. Now the trend of airport planners is to only allow passengers to move from security to waiting areas after crossing huge areas of duty free activities so it’s impossible to avoid it,

And as with any duty free experience you cannot miss the sales promotes storming around passengers to ask to try perfumes or chocolate. Even at 4 in the morning!

By the way I don’t blame these sales persons as they do not definitely enjoy convincing passengers that perhaps are not even interested in buying anything. This category of poor sales people has to work in shifts early morning up to late night in remote locations far from the city centers so I’m sure their life is not so easy.

What should be the focus of airport shop should really be limited to food and essentials stuff.

But please do not try selling me a luggage at the airport: “I already have one here and if I really need a new one I will buy outside of this airport”!